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At the library
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Default At the library

I suppose technically the individual in this post wasn't really a 'customer', but this is the closest place I can find to put it.

So yesterday I went to the library to do some research. As usual, I took along my crusty old laptop for internet access and to take notes. While the library has computers, you are limited to only 30 minutes if there are others waiting (and there is ALWAYS a list), but if you bring your WiFi-equipped laptop, you don’t have that limitation.

I was doing my thing at a table near the back of the library. I’d pushed the laptop aside for a few minutes while I was reading when out of the blue, a woman planted her ass in the chair across from me, turned my laptop to face her, and just began using it like it was her own personal property. No ‘Hello’, no ‘May I…’, NOTHING.

Now, if she had ASKED first, I probably would have been okay with it – though I would have saved my notes first. But she DIDN’T ask, and when I spoke up about it, she gave me this look like she’d accidentally discovered some new kind of particularly disgusting fungus – and, ignoring me, went right back to clattering away on the keyboard.

Don’t ask, and then ignore me? Congratulations, baby. You’ve just discovered how to cold-start my ‘asshole’ mode.

I reached over and yanked the power cord out of the laptop. The battery in this thing is completely shot, so once the adapter is unplugged, it shuts off instantly.

Cue the rage. How DARE I deny her access to the Internet?

MY laptop, lady. Bring your own, wait your turn for the public terminals, or ASK before using someone else’s property.

She blathered on about how it was a PUBLIC library. Indeed it is. But ‘public’ doesn’t extend to MY laptop.

When it became clear that I wasn’t buying into her half-assed argument, she stomped off to the front desk. I don’t know what was said there – I wasn’t close enough to hear the exchange, but there were several gestures in my general direction, and apparently she didn’t like the librarian’s answer, because she became even MORE agitated. A bit more of the flailing of the arms and she finally stomped out of the library altogether.

On a side note, I got big love for Auto-Save.