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Telling them that they are facing ruin, will be destitute, homeless ETC has no effect. The only way to stop them is to allow them to reach the bottom, perhaps go to jail, lose their jobs, family and friends and finally have no money to gamble.
I once had a long conversation about alcoholism with a long-time AA member and sponsor. That’s exactly how she described alcoholics. Many will not seek help until they have reached rock bottom, and will not believe they are in bad shape, as long as they can find someone worse off. She described a horrible night in the hospital with her husband as he was being treated for DTs (which can be fatal). He wasn’t all that bad off, he told her. After all, he wasn’t sleeping it off in a ditch somewhere. He had to practically get to that ditch before he sought help.

Fortunately, both have been sober for a couple of decades now.
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