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I'm almost tempted to sit this one out, since I'm going to be unable to access the net or any form of gossip media for a good 3 months of '09, but for that reason I'll try to go with somewhat minor celebrities, and leave the big boys to you guys.

Foo Fighter's Frontman Dave Grohl. What can I say, he's lived the life, old habits, you know.

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He's only in the last year or so moved from bit player up to leading man, and his role as the grittiest hero of the comic that made gritty heroes (The Watchmen's Comedian), is sure to push his career up a notch. If he's going to get into trouble, or something about him is going to come public, it'll be now.

Sum 41 Frontman Deryck Whibley. 18 months ago, Sum 41 returned to their roots as a 'fuck you, I'm going to have fun' rock band, and their fans celebrated. If they keep this up, they're sure to be making some headlines either on the road or when they release a new album, and anything done off the set you can bet Deryck will be in on.
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