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I found that out the hard way myself. But geez - he had no reason to be such an ass about it.

Hubby & I went to a comedy show and they offered a cheaper rate if you stayed at the hotel so you can get as drunk as you want and not worry about driving home. We don't have CCs anymore - just our debit card.

We were surprised to find that there was a "holding fee" for almost $500 on our card for over a week - even though the comedy package/room was $210. So we had to pay rent late, and got 3 overdraft fees for automatic payment bills that tried to deduct from our account but the money wasn't accessible. What was sposed to be a romantic night out was horrible. And the hotel had no running water but didn't tell us until after we paid and checked in.

The next business day I called my bank asking for a detailed list of such rules and policies and they told me there wasn't any.

Now I just don't use my debit card for anything other than groceries and small purchases. I can see why the guy was upset - but being he works for the bank - you'd think he'd know his own companies policies, and you'd think he'd understand it's not the hotel's fault.
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