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There comes a time to move on (longish rant)
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Default There comes a time to move on (longish rant)

In August of 2005, Cineplex Odeon announced it would purchase Famous Players in Canada.

In September of 2005, Empire Theatres announced it would buy the theatres that Cineplex had to sell off because of anti-monopoly regulations.

In November of 2005, the theatre I now work at was confirmed as one of the ones to be sold, and signs were posted.

Over the next 2 months, everything bearing cineplex logos were replaced or covered over. The large front sign was changed to read Empire, phone messages were changed, uniforms switched, signboards altered, tills flash "Welcome to Empire." The televisions that display showtimes say Empire Theatres several times during the scrolling. The trailers tapes next to the showtimes tvs show the Empire logo every 5 min and say "Welcome to Empire Theatres."

In February of 2006, a sign was posted saying that we would stop the grace period of accepting Cineplex coupons and passes at the end of March.

We even gave until the end of April.

It it now July of 2006. It has been almost 1 full year since all of this began. And yet I still get dozens of people every day trying to use cineplex passes, people who complain that they bought a ton of Cineplex passes to use here, people who think that it was Empire who was bought by Cineplex, that the companies are related and some such.

I want to scream at each and every one of them that the companies are seperate, if you look at your coupons, Empire is infact not listed, this is not up or down from Cineplex, I shouldn't have showtimes or phone numbers for Cineplex, and if your passes are so important then go to one of the Cineplex theatres, don't bit** at me that this used to be a Cineplex, you paid good for those, etc.

I don't care. Really. I don't. All you are doing is stopping me from helping the people behind you, who are rolling their eyes at your tirade.

It's gotten to the point that anyone just asking if they can use these CLEARLY LABELLED passes at our CLEARLY DIFFERENTLY LABELLED theare now annoys me to no end, even if they are perfectly nice about it.

I wanna rename the whole chain based on that idea from another thread. The new name of the theare will be "Not Cineplex, and we won't take their stuff, don't even ask, upon pain of castration with a rusty toothpick."

Wow. I feel better now.
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