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Fair enough -- And while it may be a regional thing, I think this could be because I've almost always heard of store that specialize in alcohol as "liquor stores" or "package stores," and grocery departments that sell the stuff as "liquor departments."
While I grant some regional variation, this seems to be a very local phenomenon: I didn't have people saying that when I worked on the other side of town. Or rather, it was rare, now it is common.

I grew up in the northeast, and there were "package stores" that were sometimes called liquor stores. While they also sold wine and beer, the distinction was they also sold hard liquor and spirits, which for example grocery stores do not.
"Liquor" is stuff like Jack Daniels. Bourbon, whiskey, scotch. I have never heard someone refer to a "liquor department" because where I grew up those products were only available in stores that sold nothing else (except the aforementioned beer and wine).

Here in Virginia, liquor is only sold in stores that are owned by the State and sell nothing else. Bars have to buy from such stores. They are run by the bureau of Alcoholic Beverage Control, and are called ABC Stores.

I am reasonably sure the problem with misusing the term is a large concentration of people whose only experience with "liquor" is malt liquor, which as I said the law calls "beer".