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Well dammit,another gig lost...
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Default Well dammit,another gig lost...

Got a call last night from the only place we currently have gigs at,she told me they had to cancel us,when I asked why she told me the place was closing

One of the very few places in town that hires original music.Most bars here hire bands that have interchangeable songlists & with this economy they're certainly not going to take any chances on bands that don't do "Keep Your Hands to Yourself","Mustang Sally" or generic blues tunes. There's a couple of places that hire the college-age bands that do original screamo/deathcore/grind/whatever adjective but that's not our schtick,we don't know anything about that kind of music,we're more mainstream rock.Those places don't pay anyways,the bands have a friend at the door to collect cover charge for the one set they do along with 3-4 other bands so they don't make much (great deal for the clubowners,they don't have to pay but make money selling drinks).

Good thing we have day jobs (well,I'm in real estate,good thing I have a wife that makes oodles of money) so we won't starve but we've discussed having to travel & it looks like we may have to.Paul & Brian have never been on the road so they think it'll be fine,but I've spent years in shitty hotels & weird bars & keep telling them it ain't the glamorous adventure they think it is.

Oh well,we're not quitters & we believe in what we're doing,so we'll just keep knockin' on doors & buggin' people.
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