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I used to think "Mustang Sally" was about the first female astronaut. We had a rather bad radio, and the only words I ever heard clearly were "Ride, Sally Ride".

</t d>

Good luck, Freddy. I'm sure something will come up for you and the others.

Got an update on what happened to the bar.As an aside,when Mrs F & I went there to celebrate my brother's b'day last week turned out they were out of both Jack Daniels & Captain Morgan. Now what kind of bar runs out of the 2 most popular liquors in the country? One where the owners son,who's running the place,has put all the profits up his nose & hasn't paid the rent or the vendors for months.
So Dad decides to sell his liquor license (which can go for upwards of $750,000 in this state) to a major restaurant chain.

Also turns out this guy's had a problem for a long time.Our guitar player had a run-in with the guy 10-12 years ago when the guy was in a coke/crank induced rage & GP was never sure why the guy was so upset.
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