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Emmett glances up at the voice of Johnny Mercury. His eyes track his movement, his stare perhaps a bit too intent as though he is looking through him rather than at him (soul gazing just to be sure, Johnny would be used to this since he does it EVERY time). He quirks an eyebrow at "the other PI" comment.

"Just passing through. And here I was about to get all self important." He opens the envelope and reads over the note and looks at the ticket. "First class, I'm flattered."

He picks up his office phone dials a number, "Hey Murray, I'm going out of town for awhile, I'm going to direct a few clients whose cases can't wait your way." He pauses, "Yeah Mur, sure, uh huh. Yeah, thanks man." He hangs up and glances at Johnny, "You'll have to send Selene my thanks next time you're 'just passing through' her part of wherever. I just hope she has had more luck than I have."

He sighs, "So any idea what we're getting into? Or is it the usual 'Don't ask me I'm just the messenger' schtick?"