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A week ago, Jack Childs had opened the door to his rented home in Omaha to find a letter. The day after, he had started making arrangements for his shop to run without him for "awhile". Four days ago, he'd packed his bags, putting together insulated packages of meat at the bottom of his bag, along with ice packs, various toiletries, and clothes. And today, he is on a bus, being driven through whichever godsforsaken desert it was that lay between him and his destination...

The man doesn't care much for this at all. He never did. That... thing that had been snatching up runaways? He would've killed it without being ordered to. It'd taken a hell of a lot of stabbing, though. But the desert... He isn't good with deserts. He doesn't know how he knows it, but that's hardly surprising. Half of his life- from the time he'd discovered what he was up until the time of the accident- was pretty much a blur. Part of the reason that he was even on this bus was simply pique, a desire to completely ignore the gift of a free ride. The other part was his knife. He certainly isn't going to leave it behind, or let anyone else handle it. It's his. It's special. And it's a deadly weapon of the sort you don't want to carry around in an airport. Bus security is a hell of a lot easier to get past... stuff the knife in his bag, and he's done.

Jack shifts slightly in his seat, his whirlwind thoughts helping to take the edge off... The letter he'd received. What a piece of work that was. Vague, faintly insulting, with all the personality of a movie star behind it- compelling, but scripted to achieve a desired result. He sighs a bit. It probably WAS something important... but not in the ways that he'd expect. One thing doesn't necessarily lead to another, after all. So many heartbeats all around him... Strong, mortal heartbeats. Some stronger than others. He closes his eyes, and just focuses on them, the steady, discordant rhythm of the hearts of two dozen strangers bringing him another measure of calm...