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Someoneís Black Friday Cometh Early

And F.A. proceeded to dial the scofflaw assistance hotline. While heís doing that, Mr On-The-Ground is circling his truck like a vulture, taking pictures with his phone for some God-knows-why reason. And when that was done, he started recording video, again why? Boredom perhaps? What else was he going to do? Remember how F.A.ís truck is across the entryway? Yeah, still is, so this guy canít get OUT of the lot, he can only stand there and film his alleged triumph.

My Brother is a cop, and he has told me, that it's pretty common to see people whipping out their phones to record video when he rolls up on a scene. He's gotten to the point that he doesn't even notice it anymore, but he also has dashboard and body cams to record them back.
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