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Too much I want/need to do...How do I tackle this?
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Default Too much I want/need to do...How do I tackle this?

Ok, here's my problem...usually I'd be able to handle something like this through techniques I've picked up over the years.

However, in this situation I feel overwhelmed. I have so much I want/need to do I don't know where to start -- so unfortunately I don't.

I am "behind" on skills from a technology standpoint, so I have to do some learning there. I'm not really in a position to get company-paid training, and I found some courses through a site where I can learn myself, but just one of the courses is 36 hours. And I sometimes have a short attention span. Add to that some other skills that are beneficial for me to learn, and that I probably need to learn for my career, and we're talking probably 60 or 70 hours there, just for that.

I've got a couple of apps I want to write, too. I'm in the middle of one, and I have two or three others I want to write, all of which I think I could make money on.

I also have some song writing/recording I want to do. And a few other things. I'd like to learn how to paint. I'd like to work on a couple of more card sleights. Get better at guitar. Those are more hobbies, though. Except the guitar would help with the songwriting/recording. Putting together one song (since I would be doing all the instruments myself) can take a few hours in and of itself.

Oh, and I also am considering starting a side business. Or at least, as previously mentioned, selling some apps.

I know what I should start with (the skills), but then I feel like I won't be able to do anything else. And I won't feel productive enough if I just do each of them in tiny bits. Working on things in tiny bits works well in my career (programming), but there are some things where I feel like I need to get skilled up quickly.

Even if I pick one (say, the tech) and work on it, that's still putting everything else "on hold" until that's done.

I've also got some things around the house I need to do. Yard work, clean/straighten the garage, normal things like that. Like I said, if this was a bunch of smaller, quick tasks, I could come up with a solution myself. But these are much longer (in terms of hours) tasks.

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