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Eh, I tend to agree with the opinion that OP described.

The way most booking happens in wrestling, a cage match is usually used because the heel:
  • keeps running away from the face,
  • has his cronies interfere on his behalf,
  • has otherwise taken advantage of outside factors in thwarting the face's efforts to defeat them.

Especially in the case of "keeps running away," having a victory happen because of escaping the cage doesn't fit. Locking the cowardly heel in the cage, where they can't escape the face, that makes more sense.
Can "modern" cage matches still be won by pinfall? I saw an old one recently from 1982 that was a WCCW cage match (when the cages were much shorter) that was Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich.

That one had two referees (a "regular" referee, and "Fabulous Freebird" Michael Hayes), for some reason, and you could win it by pinfall. I believe Flair won because Kerry was "knocked out" and couldn't continue the match.
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