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The Last Name Game
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Default The Last Name Game

A silly little email game my friend sent me.
(One of those "erase my answers, put in your own, and forward to 10 people, including the person who sent it to you" things.)

Rules: Use the first letter OF YOUR LAST NAME to answer each of the
following questions. They have to be real places, names, things, nothing
made up. Use different answers if the person in front of you had the
same 1st initial. You can't use your name for the boy/girl question.


1. What is your last name initial? S
2. A 4-Letter Word: S**t (what? it's a 4 letter word...)
3. A Boy's name: Stephen
4. A Girl's Name: Sara
5. An Occupation: Sommelier
6. Color: Scarlet
7. Something You wear: Socks
8. A beverage: Sarsaparilla
9. A food: Souffle
10. Something found in the bathroom: see #2
11. A place: Saratoga
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