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Tales from Corporate: Taking Complaints from SC about Stores
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Default Tales from Corporate: Taking Complaints from SC about Stores

Reporting back from corporate here! So I ended up in customer contact, when customers have complaints about stores, guess who takes them?

I used to post boards about being on the other side of complaints and now I take them on the corporate end! I think I'm the first employee to go from store to corporate level in this way at my company.

Anyway, our company does not have a lot of stores. Because of this, it's easy to label each store as a "problem store" and "normal store". When I get a complaint about a problem store, it almost always follows the same MO. It'll be the same department and same complaint. Again and again, from different customers. Very rarely I get a complaint about a normal store. The store from the complaint I will talk about has an excellent reputation for great marks across the board and with a solid management team that doesn't fuck up. Now, on to the story!

"Customer Support, this is Fly. How can I assist you today?"

"Yes, my name is Custymort and I'm at the __________ location and *Joanna* won't let me return a defective product I purchased yesterday!"

~TIME OUT: I used to talk about how ridiculous my company's return policy was. It's changed. It's still ridiculous but it's not "Forever and always, no matter what with sprinkles on top!" like it used to be. Now stores can refuse returns if it's too ridiculous. It's usually the big stores in major cities who exercise this right so it was strange that our little small town jewel was pulling the return rejection card. Fly is now intrigued. DIS GUN BE GUD.~

"I'm sorry to hear that, Custymort, could I have more information about the return and did the store give a reason for the return refusal?"

"Yes! It's the _______ and store says it is customer damaged! Joanna was so RUDE about it too, she said my daughter dropped the product and caused it to crack! My daughter is so mature for her age, she would never! My daughter has been HUMILIATED! What kind of a company accuses CHILDREN?"

~I can hear the woman put the phone down and can hear a muffled exchange between her and Joanna(?) screaming at each other ~

"Stores do have the ability to refuse returns but I would be happy to process your return and ship out a new product" *explains return procedure, gets receipt info and puts custy on hold*

While on hold I called up a few people more familiar with THIS store. They said what I know about ______ store was correct. They don't get complaints and what was described was very out of character for what corporate knows of this store. I process a corporate level internal return and get custy back on the phone to discuss shipment of replacement item.

"Hello Mrs. Custymort, are we shipping the replacement to the address on your account's file?"

"Um, nevermind. She decided to process the return anyway. But I still want to place a complaint against Joanna. It was horrendous how she treated my family!"

So I take the complaint. I hear all about how Joanna abused the family, how she targeted Custymort's innocent daughter whose only crime was saving her money for a fancy new product only to discover when they got home, it was horribly defective. I don't remember the details. It was like a 30 minute call and very draining. But I filed a detail report with that store's head manager and wrote down the account number so I could check back in with a bag of popcorn to see if anything came of it because honestly, something did not seem right. There was a huge piece of the puzzle that was missing. If only I could talk to Joanna... Sigh. That's not my job though.

But it got better, Joanna called in the next day to give her side of the story before corporate's serious escalations team reached out to her and my buddy answered the phone, pulled up the account of Custymort and saw my notes on it and was nice enough to give me a follow up!

Some bits of info provided by "Joanna"
1. There is CCTV footage of the item originally purchased leaving the store undamaged. The item was horrifically damaged, so damaged that in the check out process, a defect like that would have been noticed.
2. Custymort's daughter in fact wasn't "very mature for her age, basically an adult in a child's body". Nope, Custymort's daughter had made a bit of a splash in their original visit for nonstop indoor running and fucking up the store with horseplay nonsense, despite being around 11. Of course, Custymort saw nothing wrong with this behavior and did not discipline her child. And Custymort's family stayed at the store a long time so most of the store's staff had the pleasure of interacting with them.
3. The child was a big talker and mentioned doing *things that cause serious damage* to her item while the return was taking place. Custymort told daughter to shut up.
4. Custymort was swearing up a storm and scaring the other customers inside the store, Joanna wanted her to leave and decided to allow the return to be processed in the interest of saving the rest of the store from the biggest SC the store had seen in months.

I got a call from Joanna myself for an unrelated thing several months later and she was very nice, I didn't inform her that I was the one who took that huge complaint against her. But it was nice to put a voice to the name. I did check back and there were no account notes on Custymort's account or free shit sent to her, meaning the escalations team did not reach out to her to "make it right". This means the complaint was deemed nonsense!

Wasted 30 fucking minutes of my life though and gave me a decent story however.