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Slow. Verrrrry sloooooooow.
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Default Slow. Verrrrry sloooooooow.

Yeah, I'm back.

The computer should be running just fine. I'm not doing any heavy stuff on it, like editing videos or playing high-graphics games. Yet, for some reason, I had an experience today that baffles me. I was working on a document in Word and doing some surfing, and the websites just kept freezing.

To give you some background, when the computer boots up, I open three pages. One is for email and surfing, the second is for Facebook, and the third is for YouTube. I use Firefox. Today, everything froze, worked for a few seconds, then froze again. I've been having that problem for some time now, but today, it was REALLY bad.

Sometimes I play a Facebook game on this computer, but I didn't do that today, or yesterday, or the day before. When I do, things slow down so much that eventually I have to close Firefox altogether, then reopen it. But as I said, I didn't play any games today.

I tweaked the computer to use more of its RAM capacity, and I've just downloaded Malwarebytes software, which is installing now. I have (and use) CCleaner.

The HDD is 300 GB. The RAM is 12 GB. It should be a lot faster than this, shouldn't it?