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Odd. With 12GB of RAM, you shouldn't be using any swapfile.

With the small size of the drive, it's fairly easy to run to the limits of its capacity, speed-wise.

...Just had a fun thought: Facebook just LOVES ads. Some email providers will put ads on their pages as well. Facebook is notorious for constant activity, downloading and processing ...stuff. Youtube does some stuff, but that's more of when you're actually doing something there.

Boot Windows in 'Safe Mode' (with Networking) Should be able to spam F8 while the system loads (or tries to) to get boot options. Undo that last 'fix'. When you've got your system back, you'll want the AdBlockPlus addon for Firefox. The sheer amount of ...utter fertilizer... it prevents from loading in the first place can save your buttocks. This includes some of the 'ads' that are actually mal/spy/ransomware attacks.