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Right now, I'm just enjoying using my old standby computer. I have a real fondness for this thing. I deleted lots of downloads that were clogging the C drive, and uninstalled several programs I didn't even realize I had (which means I wasn't using them). I could almost hear the computer sigh in relief.

I'll work on the new computer later. I just don't feel like futzing around with it right now. I'll take your advice, Buzzard, on the AdBlockPlus addon; maybe that will help. I still can't figure out why Firefox is just so damned slow on the new computer, but is working fine on this old one. Or why all the applications kept hanging up yesterday, which is why I fiddled around with the memory in the first place.

I found this page last night, and tried Method Four:

And now, as you know, I have the Eternal Restart.

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