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Anyone had the Implanon implant? (Possibly TMI)
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Default Anyone had the Implanon implant? (Possibly TMI)

Just wondering if any of the lovely ladies on here have used the Implanon (or similar implants) for birth/period control?

My Doctor has recommended it because all the pills that I have tried have given me various degrees of morning sickness. She thinks that is being caused by the combo of hormones while this option only has progestogen. And this may help lighten or, fingers crossed, make my period go away.

Everyone reacts differently to hormones, so I'm just looking at the best/worst case scenarios and side effects. So far the best case totally outweighs the worst case for me.

My questions are: Has anyone had issues around the insertion site? How long did it take to heal? Did it scar or leave a mark? Can anyone tell it is there without it being pointed out? Do you feel it there when you are doing normal activities or not notice anything unless feeling for it?

I'm super pasty white, so a small scar won't worry me, but I'd be upset if it dimples or there is a clear outline/shadow of it through the skin. (Scars are normally slightly lighter than normal skin colour. My normal is so light that 'slightly lighter' is like putting 2 pieces of white paper next to each other. I have to really, really, really look to spot my burn scar on my wrist and it's about the size of a fat pen end or a cigarette end. Campfires + fire crackers = exploding coals + flaming embers = owies.)

Anyone have issues with it being removed? Did it scar or leave a mark? How do they remove it?

Any other positive/negative things that you discovered that you weren't really told about?
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