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So I bit the bullet and got the Implanon implant last week Monday. OMG I loved the local, didn't feel a thing even when the doctor needed to use extra pressure. Stupid arm kept twitching. And they used numbing spray so I didn't even feel the needle for the local. I love my doctor.

What we weren't expecting was the epic bruise. Normally it is just around the immediate insertion site and along the implant (about 10cm long and 5cm wide). Mine was about 15cm long and 10cm wide at the biggest and all the colours. It's still there but it's mostly that yellow/green colour. Should take another 4-5 days to fully fade.

It needed to have a pressure bandage for the first 3 days, but it could come off to shower. The worst part was getting the actual bandage off that went over the insert site and length of the implant. It was supposed to come off after 2 showers. After the 3rd, I ended up pulling it off carefully myself. It felt like it was superglued on.

I'm still wearing a bandage over it when I go anywhere, but that is only because I get less funny looks with a bandage than with the massive bruise. It is wrapped loose, not compressed anymore. Once the bruise fades, it will be all good.
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