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Anyone have issues with it being removed? Did it scar or leave a mark? How do they remove it?

Any other positive/negative things that you discovered that you weren't really told about?
I know I'm late to the party, but I had the implanon for around 6 years and the things I can recall from it were:

Removal: I do have a few small scars from the insertion and removal, but they're not very apparent unless you look up close (basically the scars are no larger than rice grains). The first time I got it removed was in my GP's office (to have a new one put in), the second time was in an operating theatre (while I was having a copper IUD put in*) and both times left a very faint mark. Basically it's a small incision and it gets pulled out while under local.

Positive things: My periods did get lighter while on it and I did like the fact that I didn't have to worry about whether or not I'd taken the pill or whether the effectiveness would change due to being sick.

Negative things: My mood kind of went all over the place (that is a side effect they do warn you about), so I'd keep a close eye on it and mention it to any psychologists or psychiatrists you see.

The only other issue I had with it was the development of ovarian cysts. That was something that did pop up in the leaflet they give you when you get the script filled, but it did result in a few freakouts over whether it was that or appendicitis.

And as some people have mentioned previously, just be aware of it in your arm as it may affect the ability to do some things where there's a lot of pressure on that site.