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My epic bruise has finally faded. There is just a small scab/scar at the insertion site, but that is still healing. I sometimes heal super fast and sometimes it takes 3 months for something small to fully heal, so I'm not too worried about that yet.

Mood swings were really bad on the various pills I've tried before. Between that and the constant morning sickness, I had given up for quite a while. So far with this I've had no morning sickness or mood issues. YaY!

Mum was a bit annoyed/freaked out/disappointed that I went ahead with it. She started with the 'what if you decide you want kids but this has changed your body so you can't' bullshit. I told her that I'm 3-fucking-4 and I've never wanted kids and that is not going to change. I would be happy to have the whole system ripped out. (Some days I'd do it with a rusty spoon just to ease the pain.) If I had to eat brussel sprouts everyday for the next 10 years to never get my period again, I would do it in a heartbeat. She stopped the nonsense after that. I detest sprouts and she knows it.

Her periods were never as bad as mine and she trotted out the old 'women were made to suffer' crap from her catholic upbringing. I was brought up catholic too, but I see that as a giant crock of bullshit designed to dismiss and control women. (I am an atheist now, too.) Her's were also like clockwork, shorter and all round easier to deal with. Mine have caused me to miss work, parties, concerts, events. Made me have to choose between being drugged up and out of it or in intense pain.

The massive doses of painkillers each month also increases the risk to my already at risk kidneys. Near constant kidney infections as a child have compromised them. They work fine, but I need to be very aware of things like alcohol and medications that could cause damage. And funnily enough, my kidneys have a 95% chance of failing if I do get pregnant. Which mum knows.

Dad was actually more supportive. His response was pretty much 'if it's safe and makes you happy, I'm happy.' He was a bit concerned when he saw the massive bruise and then when I made it wiggle under the skin, he was grossed out. It was pretty funny seeing his expression.

With regards to the ovarian cysts risk: the women on mum's side all hit menopause early in life, usually around their mid to late 30's. We don't have any medical history on dad's side because Nana didn't know. (She escaped from Germany during WWII and didn't even know if any of her family survived until the mid 1980's.) So I figure I will only need one replacement at the most. If I do have any side effects like that, I will be pushing really fucking hard to have everything removed.
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