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Can I get a discount?
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Default Can I get a discount?

Had a SC buy a coolant recovery tank from me. I always open the box to make sure what is supposed to be in the box actually is and to make sure it isn't broken or used. I do this in front of the customer. This means that he sees the part before he pays for it.

Well a few minutes later he comes back saying that it is missing its cap. So I look the part up again and show him the picture in the catalog showing that it isn't supposed to come with a cap.

According to him, "that is crazy". Now had it come with a cap and he didn't want one I'm sure that would have been crazy also.

He then asks for a discount since it doesn't come with the cap.

I declined to discount the item he has already bought since it didn't come with the cap that he knew didn't come with it when he bought it.

He leaves without buying a cap so I can only assume he really didn't need it.