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Another one...

Last week we bought some fresh shrimp (from Florida). They went into a cooler bag immediately and then to the fridge, were chilled until we opened them up the next day...

YOW. The entire apartment smelled pretty bad. The shrimp were slimy and most definitely off. So they go in the garbage disposal, I find the receipt, attach the original price sticker (with the sell-by date matching the receipt date) and make a note of when we opened them.

We went shopping again yesterday and told the front end manager what happened--those shrimp had to be bad or on the verge when we bought them. Typical response would be to refund the $$ on a gift card or let us get an equivalent value to replace it.

Nope, that would be way too easy. Since the original purchase had been made on a grocery credit and was essentially free, the grocery manager and HR Guy had to be involved to "authorize" an equal exchange...and we were asked why we didn't bring the shrimp back. Because they were BAD upon opening and had we kept them another week the stench would have evacuated the whole damn mall (and had every dog/cat/rat/skunk in the city following us to the store). You really think that I, the queen of rotation who was raised by a trained chef, would lie about something like that?
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