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More hours? Yes, please!
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Default More hours? Yes, please!

I finally managed to get some traction on the issue with my hours, or lack thereof, at work. The end result is that I'm getting more hours - enough to bump me up to where I need to be in order to qualify for benefits. And it also means I'll be able to pay for rent and bills.

I had asked the scheduling manager about the lack of hours and she told me that f/t hours aren't guaranteed. I told her that perhaps I should never have been hired as a f/t employee then because that sets the wrong expectations entirely, and that I would never have left my gas station job if I had known that f/t hours weren't guaranteed. This was on Thursday, and I spent most of the day extremely pissed off.

Yesterday, the scheduling manager asked me to speak to her in the office to see about giving me some more hours. She apologized for snapping at me the way she did, and that she'd been getting a lot of heat from the other employees for not giving them the hours they felt they deserved (even though they were never hired as f/t in the first place), and had forgotten that I was actually hired to be f/t. So, she gave me more hours for next week (originally I'd only been given 21), and will be speaking to the store manager about getting the training hours approved to get me trained in drive-thru. Apparently, the entire management team has agreed that I'm too good of an employee to lose if I don't get the hours I was promised upon being hired, so it's all to the good.

But I'm still going to get my Class 4, to be on the safe side.