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Retail Paradoxes
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Default Retail Paradoxes

This thread is for the posting and discussion of retail paradoxes you have encountered. These paradoxes, like cosmic double-sided duct tape, hold the world in balance with their equal and opposite repellence and attraction.

Despite the fact that the world would obviously esplode (not just explode, esplode) without them, they are still annoying. List dilemmas that you have noticed here.

I'll start the ball rolling.

-If, when greeting customers, you don't greet someone's kids, you are "not child-friendly." If you do greet the customer's children, you are a pedophile.

-If you ask someone if they need help, you are an annoying, upselling leech. If you don't try to assist them, you are providing poor customer service.

-If you strike up a conversation at the register, you are an irritating chatterbox. If you don't try to small talk with them, you are rude and aloof.