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Fellow Aussie here. And a 'ranga

'Fucking ranga' is a term of love and endearment in my family. My brother and I are both strawberry blonde. (A lighter shade of red that has a fair bit of blonde and orange mixed in and a bit of light brown. It's weird and hard to describe and costs several hundreds to be done right in a salon. Google Blake Lively and that is close to our colour. Just add some natural red, orange, blonde and brown super thin streaks of colour.)

I think us Aussies are amongst the most sweary-ist people. Maybe only rivalled by the Scots, Welsh and Irish. We can use the same words to mean 'I love you' and 'I will kill you' with just a change of facial expression and inflection.

I will fully admit to having no swear filter. It is actually really stressful to not swear. I have to really really really concentrate to do it.
A good bookshop is just a genteel Black Hole that knows how to read. - Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!