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My retail shifts are anywhere from 3.5 to 5.5 hours and we don't technically get a break. (Yes, that's legal in my state.) The halfway point of my shift might be 5 or 6 hours since I last ate so I always have little beef sticks in my pocket that I can have really quick when I go to get a drink, if I absolutely need them. But it also often happens as it did today: I had lunch around 1:30 and wasn't hungry enough to eat anything at 4:00 before I left for work. I didn't get hungry enough to want to eat anything even up until 9:00 at the end of my shift. How does that work? Because I base my general diet on protein, natural fats, and fiber, my glucose and insulin levels are not raised too high. When I was eating low-fat, low-calorie foods I had reactive hypoglycemia and I felt like I'd pass out if I didn't eat every 3 hours. Now I'm totally amazed that I can go up to 8 hours without eating and not feel faint or really anything bad except a little stomach grumble. I have one or two meals a day and a snack.
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