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I've been struggling with this lately. I've managed to lose some weight over the last year or so (went from 285 to 265) through cutting back on snacks and portion control. (I've also regained 10 pounds thanks to going back to snacking for a bit and the holidays.)

But with the new year, I'm making the effort again. Trying to cut back on the amount of times I eat out. I'd been bad about it with breakfast on workdays. I was hesitant about making breakfast in the mornings because one roommate works afternoons, and his bedroom is above the kitchen, and I was lazy, so it was McDonald's or Taco Bell. Then I'd get food from the cafeteria/food court for lunch. I was still trying to make dinner, rather than just order in every night.

Starting in the new year, I made a resolution to cut my soda consumption back to one per day. I've so far held to this (apart from having a Rum & Coke one night with friends). Then I found a recipe for egg cups that I can make and reheat at work for breakfast, so that's giving me the food my body needs in the morning. And I'm making sandwiches for myself to take in for lunch. (This week is turkey/harvati with lettuce/tomato and a bit of mayo.)

I've snacked a bit, but generally keeping it under control. It's a struggle, but I've so far managed to keep the cravings down by just reminding myself "No, you're trying to lose weight."
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