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Our cases took a sharp spike recently, which is happening pretty much everywhere from what I understand. We had something like 2700 cases yesterday, shattering our previous peak of 1800 back in early April. This is the third time we've been over 2000, and it's been about three weeks since we were under a thousand.

We're both still working from home, so I guess I should at least be happy that we can still bring in our normal paychecks. I know a lot of people weren't so lucky. I got an email from my job yesterday that scared the hell out of me at first. The subject line said something about working onsite, and I thought "Oh shit! They're making us come back!" That would make zero sense with our cases spiking, but it wouldn't be the first stupid thing my company has done. It turned out that they were letting us know that IF we prefer to work onsite, we can now. I think I'll pass, since that would mean wearing a mask all day, even just sitting at my desk.
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