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I would have had a hard time not saying, "So don't come here at four--when we're crazy busy--and maybe you won't have to wait next time!"
Reminds me of the time a similar incident happened at the bank. That summer, I was working in their auditing department. Most of the time, I'd sit on my ass, and mess with spreadsheets. For 2 weeks though, our team was at one of the other branches, doing a compliance audit. That is, we were checking to see that they were doing what they were supposed to--procedures were being followed, required signs displayed properly, making sure that nobody had the entire vault combination--that sort of thing. Small bank meant that we didn't have an office or two to use. Instead, we were right out in the lobby, where some tables had been set up.

Anyway, around lunchtime, there was a commotion at the counter. Seems someone had come in, and the "ATM has been down every damn day at this time." The guy simply couldn't believe that we'd shut down the ATM to maintain it, and threw a fit.

Branch manager came out, told the guy to settle down, and that was pretty much it. would have been, if I didn't know the guy. He was actually one of my college professors, and a douche to boot. Once I told the manager who he was, he started wondering if we could mess with him. Make the ATM talk, tell him it was going to get even for talking trash

Anyone want to guess why the professor insisted on coming to that particular branch every day? Seems that he didn't have a car, and refused to make the 2-mile-plus walk out to the interstate (opposite end of town) where the other branch and all the fast-food places were. We were in town, and since everyone else went the other direction...had practically nothing going on come noon. Perfect time to shut down the ATM and maintain it.
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