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That depends completely on the owner. To some people, it's 'just a car'; to others, it's a considerable investment, and even a small blemish can reduce the car's trade in by a couple thousand. And if you're an enthusiast, a chip or ding on a car you might have spent tens of thousands of dollars buying and/or restoring is a highly personal matter.

Good point. I have an old 'beater' so frankly, unless you do something that makes it unusable (like the idiot who backed into the driver's door of my previous vehicle, making it nearly impossible to open) my response is likely to be "Oh well." I have always seen a car as a box on four wheels that lets me get from A to B faster than walking.

Having said that, that's also one of the reasons I've never been interested in buying a brand-new car, because that would cause me to be a lot more -- er -- "responsive" to the slings and arrows (and dings and dents) of outrageous fortune.
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