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The high and mighty: Believes that cashiers are lazy low intelligent grunts with no ambition. Will tell you how if you were only smarter/better/more ambitious/less lazy you would get a better job or go to school. (But clearly you send al your spare time eating, sleeping, and playing those video games). Occasionally brags about what a well paid job they have or the degrees they’ve got.

Yet can’t for the life of them figure out this technology of using the card reader.

5+ bonus points if they can’t figure out what ‘tap’. Is.
5+ more bonus points if they either can’t figure out where to slide their chip in or put it in backwards.
10+ bonus points if they need you to press the buttons for them. (Seriously, it’s just like a traffic light. Green means it’s OKAY to go. Yellow is for generally bad choices. Red is for no. Not fucking rocket science.)
15+ bonus points if they don’t know what their pin is (and of course it’s your fault it’s not working as they run through every possible combination of random numbers they can think of.)/they tell you the pin out loud for everyone to hear.

Usually middle age/late middle age. Can be identified by how their nose is too high in the air to look you in the eye.

Oh and if the transaction fails from insufficient funds it’s either your fault or the machine’s obviously broken.
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