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An update for today. . .

When I got my job back, they said I would have to repeat a refresher course at the Academy (basically a week of classroom continuing education, getting my First Aid/CPR certification renewed, and two weeks at the range getting re-qualified on my sidearm and doing refresher tactical training), due to my break in service exceeding one year.

The refresher course is timed to finish at the same time as the main Academy graduation for new officers. That meant my old boss, the one who fired me, was there in the crowd to see me get my certificate saying my certification was reinstated and see me handed my new badge. When I looked into the crowd, he was NOT smiling at me being up on stage being handed my badge, he had a distinct frown on his face. I avoided him at the reception afterwards, I think it was a mutual sentiment.

On the downside, my pay for mid-month just posted, and my back pay is STILL not in it. It's now later than they said it would be. I was told in the first week of June that it would take a month and a half to two months to pay the back salary. It's still not paid, and this was the first paycheck after the two-month line. I'm going knocking on some doors on Monday morning, because they owe me tens of thousands of dollars and are past-due on it by their own schedule.