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I may or may not be back
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Default I may or may not be back

Decided to stick my head in and see what things look like. It's been a while, I guess. Life has been... "interesting".

Last time I was here, I had a girlfriend, and I was driving a cab.

Since then, we got married -- yes, there is now a Mrs. Deserted; our 1st anniversary was a few weeks ago -- and I finally -- FINALLY -- quit driving the cab.

And drove for Uber & Lyft instead.

But with the modern nuttiness going on, Mrs. Deserted & I decided that I needed to stop driving people. I now drive for food & package delivery services on occasion -- at first, it was full-time, but Mrs. Deserted has been working from home for a few months now, so I've had no need to drive all over hell's half acre. (This past weekend was my first shift in over a month.)

This has given me time to work on my computer projects. I'm -> <- that close to releasing a game to the Apple & Google stores that stands a chance of making me a little money. (We're talking beer money, not rent money. Small potatoes. Probably.)

As for CS, I'm not sure if I'll be hanging out or not. \_(ツ)_/ Life's funny that way.
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