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You made it hard for me to be an asshole
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Default You made it hard for me to be an asshole

Driving on the highway, traffic is flowing well, I'm in lane 1 with a truck beside me in lane 2, we're at or around the speed limit. Buddy in lane 2 decides that he is special and this is not good enough for someone of his status. He could easily go into lane 3 and get around us, but he's too special for such legal maneuvers. Nope, he pulls in behind me and starts tailgating, expecting this intimidation to cause me to go faster so he can zip around the truck. When this doesn't work, he pulls into the shoulder to go around me, choosing the dumbest possible place to make such an illegal maneuver, where the shoulder ends in 300 meters. Well, I'm not backing off, I expect him to realize just how stupid he is being so I just carry on. Does he realize how stupid of a move he is making and give it up, nope, he floors it. He manages to just miss me, just miss the guardrail, and just miss the car in front of me. But by god, he is now in front of me, he is almost 2 full seconds ahead of where he would be if he was just driving safely.

Whatever, if I escalate this, someone goes to emergency, someone goes to jail. So I just ignore it. A little farther ahead, we hit some traffic. With some intelligent lane choices, I wind up in front of him. I can see this does not please the assclown. Still whatever, I can't be bothered.

But since I got in front of him, he was able to get the office number off my van. His wife calls the office in tears, telling a story about the reckless driver that tried to force them into the guardrail and kill her and her children. She hangs up with a threat of calling the police and ministry of transportation.

I'm not having any of this, I tell them exactly what happened, and they can check the dashcam footage if they don't believe me. As well, I demand their information, I'm not standing for someone telling lies to get me fired, to kill my family, I am fully ready to sue this bitch. But they claim it came up as a private number and she hung up without giving a name. I'm hoping she does follow through with that threat of calling the authorities and files a formal complaint, that will be all the evidence I need to go after her ass.
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