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Frankly, Black Friday sounds like a Universally Stupid Idea. We don't have it over here.

Combining it with a "special event" for this year's mega-fad toy is just going to make it even more insane than last year - and given that people actually died last year, that's not a good thing.
It is a Universally Stupid Idea. There's never anything being offered by any of the local stores that would would make me get up at Oh-Dark-Thirty to stand in line and fight other people for them. But since I work until 7 am that day, I always wind up picking up a few things after work since I'm there anyway, and if I went home and slept and then came back, the store would be picked clean.

And I don't know if the big Zhu-Zhu pet thing is just going to be one particular retailer or if the swamp is going to try something with them too. I hope they don't. I've been lucky enough not to find myself in a retail riot, and I don't need to experience that anytime soon.

If we do have a big Zhu-Zhu pets thing going on, I'm demanding a cattle prod and pepper spray at the very least--for "crowd control" purposes.
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