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Tales from the Phone #1: Mush mouth supreme I have been dealing with phones for most of my work life white and/or blue collar. I have a decent ability to "translate" most accents (either light or heavy) into reasonable American words.
I started wearing hearing aids about 15 years ago, and even with them, I've lost some parts of the 'sound spectrum,' or certain frequencies. I used to be able to understand English as spoken by a wide variety of people whose native language wasn't English, as a result of spending part of the last 4 decades traveling the globe in my shipboard job. Not any more.

I now have trouble understanding clearly even some dialects of U.K. English; for instance, this has recently caused me to give-up on watching season 2 of 'The Expanse.' Add to this some frequencies of typical female speech, and even with hearing aids on, and the volume set to '100,' no dice.

Closed captioning is my new-found friend! Hello again, Expanse!
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