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So, did you? Did the warranty cover bodily fluids? I'm hoping no....!
So at the time the retailer I worked for sold it's "cover" under a name which was (imho) potentially misleading, something like "everythings covered" even though deliberate misuse/mistreatment wasn't covered.

I don't really know what happened to the laptop but the warranty wouldn't have covered the machine as the situation would have been class as deliberate. I just wish I could have rewarded his honesty as had he run it under the shower we'd have never known and covered it especially if he'd lied and said something like "I spilt my glass of water, I tried to dry it out but it doesn't work any more".

Luckily for me we only took machines in for warranty as a courtesy (we only did chargeable work in the store pulling parts off the stop floor, warranty jobs we'd book in and call the same number as the customers) so I was able to tell him it wasn't likely to be covered but to give the call centre a bell.

Thankfully the customer was actually not sucky at all, well not as a customer anyway (maybe as a b/f?). Also without wanting to get too graphic, the g/f must have been drinking plenty as there wasn't much of a smell.

Cat pee is far worse, or milk especially as we sometimes would have to wait a few days for pickup - in a nice warm store. However the worst was if the repair centre refused repair, then it could have been weeks before we got them back.
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