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I can beat that. Once had a desktop computer come in for repair where the owner's cat had sprayed through the tiny vent holes, right onto the MB. New PC time!

We had this one cat back in the late 90's who, for reasons known only to her, would get mad and would pee on whatever she could.

I lost not one, but TWO Epson Color Stylus printers because of her. I literally had to drain them . . . they had pee standing in them!

And, in another instance (IIRC, it was after the first printer went dead and before the 2nd one) she jumped onto the desk while I had left the office for a quick run to the fridge - came back with a glass of wine and found she had peed on the keyboard of my desktop PC.

I quickly called Mom at work (this was back when she was doing live-in work overnights) and told her what happened. She was home in less than 30 minutes and we made a quick run to Target for a new keyboard.

That cat didn't stay long with us after that. That fall, she had a litter of kittens and just when they were weaned, Mom rushed her to the vet after the cat jumped her back and tried to claw her - cat came home in a box and was laid to rest in the flower bed.

So if anyone hear wonders why I make the comment occasionally about "someone Zoey-ed *insert item here*", that's what I'm referring to (the cat in question was a yellow female we called Zoey.)
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