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Dear Manipulative Assholes of the World:

Stop fucking with people's heads. Stop screwing people over. Stop making it all about you you you, and maybe, just maybe, occasionally do something selfless and worthwhile for someone else, where you are not in some way benefiting. Stop thinking it is all about you. It isn't. This Life thing is a team sport. Stop fucking over my friends. I don't like it. Frankly, I get downright pissed off when people do that. Finally, when you get called on your bullshit, stop acting like a victim. You aren't innocent. You never were. And no one's believing your sob story now. It's just the same old bullshit, dressed up in new Woe-Is-Me wrapping paper.

Fuck off. You suck. Go away.


"The Customer Is Always Right...But The Bartender Decides Who Is
Still A Customer."

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