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Dear fatcells

Please stop expanding and multiplying. You're beginning to piss me off.



Dear South African government and monopolies

Thanks very much for gradually turning a beautiful country into a steaming disorganized mess. It's people and organisations like you that are preventing us from taking our place on the world stage. The police force is a joke. Our electricity provider didn't plan ahead for the demand we have today, and we have rolling blackouts - yet the big wigs are getting ridiculously huge bonuses.

The landline telecomms company is corrupt, absurdly expensive and slower than a sloth crawling uphill through peanut butter. With it's legs tied together. In winter.

Our violent crime is increasing at a ridiculous rate, but at least the politicians are doing something about it - by building HUGE WALLS around THEIR houses and hiring bodyguards!

This is why I am planning on leaving. I don't like having to wonder when I'm going to be the next robbery and rape victim. I don't like having to live like a prisoner in my own home. I don't like having to leave the country of my birth, but unless something drastic happens, I have to for my and my family's personal safety.

So, government and monopolies - DIAF.


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