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Dear people at other forums,

It is Draggar. Notice the A near the end. It is not Dragger (I don't go around dragging people), it's not Draggir or Draggor (WTF?). If you can't spell my name how the hell do you expect me to take you seriously?


Dear Clients;

I don't care about your life's story. I don't care about the fact that you've had nothing but problems with your laptop since the day you got it. I don't care that your sister's ex-boyfriend left because of it. Get to the goddamn point. Also, don't get pissy with me because I can't pull a part out of my ass and fix your problem 10 minutes before you go on vacation.

Dear criminals who run from the police.

QUIT USING MY NEIGHBORHOOD TO HIDE OUT. I'm sick of the helicopter flying over my house at 4AM. Don't also say "But I didn't do nutin wrong" (aside form the double negative). The police are after you for a reason and they don't send the chopper out for bad tags or a minor traffic violation. Also, quit crying police brutality. YOU are the one who ran from the cops, YOU are the one who fought with them while they were trying to apprehend you, YOU were the one who was kicking and screaming, don't cry when they slam your face on the pavement.

Dear annoying gawkers,

Just because he is a collie does NOT mean his name is Lassie nor is he a "Lassie dog". Also,


It is stupid to approach a strange dog and just pet it, but you're an adult, you are liable for your own actions (well, technically not anymore. I'm liable for your own stupidity). At least teach your kids this valuable lesson, do not pet strange dogs and always ASK the owner if you can pet it. This lesson will be extremely valuable the next time they see a feral street dog.
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