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Dear Annoyed-looking Woman in Dairy section,

I gotta be honest with here. My two year old daughter's bobbing in the seat and chanting "meow meow meow" over and over and over is kind of getting on my nerves, too. I mean, just think, you've been listening to it for a whole 15 seconds. I'm clocking in at around 15 minutes, so yeah. It's annoying.

However, she's being good right now. If the meowing is getting next to you, I don't think you'd like her other sound much better.

I understand it makes you unhappy. If I make her stop, it would make her unhappy. Hmm...eeny-meeny-minee....

Ah, fuck it, I like her better than I like you, so I guess you're boned.

Recovering Kinkoid
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