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Reminds me of when we first hired our Apple tech about a year and a half ago.

The guy doesn't drive but I had another technician doing a job in the same area so he dropped B off to fix an internet connectivity problem at the client's house.

Holy. Shit.

I felt so bad for B because it was literally the first job he'd done for us and it was a nightmare. The guy's wife was >.< this close the entire time, hanging over B's shoulder, and no matter what he was doing, she questioned EVERYTHING.

"Why are you clicking that? What does that setting do? Should you be clicking on that? Maybe you should click this."

After an hour of her hanging all over him and questioning every mouse click he finally had enough and called the other tech to pick him up. We never got the issue fixed but with the client's wife acting like that it's not surprising.

The client has been in the shop since then but I've never mentioned it. But if he ever requests a home visit I'm going to have to explain why we won't do that. Ever.