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Argh ... When I travel I have an aging netbook I have had for a couple years that is loaded with vista, firefox, malware bytes, AVG and bejeweled. I do have all my ebooks and mp3s and a couple movies on it for entertainment. I don't do any banking or shopping - it is mainly for looking at maps and for places to eat or stuff to do on the road. It doesn't even have any bookmarks on it, and my normal homepage isn't set up - it is set on google as homepage. Not that I am paranoid, but usually when traveling I don't have time to mess around online, and don't see any reason to let any information out to get mined. I suppose you could consider it a burn computer.
Sounds like you might wanna consider picking up one of SurfEasy's products - they encrypt all traffic in and out of your computer & mobile device - they can even make it look to remote systems like you're in another country.