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The file cardtemplate.pdf is set up to be run at Kinko's, but I ran mine on the printer here at my current job and cut it myself, and it worked just fine, so you have the option of using any printer, really. You could probably run it at Staples as well, I think.

When you set your printer preferences, simple choose "100%" size or "no scale" so that it prints out exactly at the dimensions I've laid it out. Do not try to center it, it's offset to minimize the number of cuts you will need to do. It cuts to exactly 2x3.5 inches. You can get Kinko's to cut it for you, but unless you're making a large quantity of them, it would be cheaper to just cut it yourself. I used a guillotine cutter, but any cutter with a measure on it would do.

If you want to run it in self-serve at Kinko's, just ask at the counter for cardstock and run it out the bypass tray.

Feel free to contact me if you need help!