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pipes burst
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Default pipes burst

Tonight at the hotel a pipe burst (probably from all the super cold weather we just went through) Since it was 11pm on a Saturday night there was nowhere for our maintenance guy to go to purchase needed supplies. He had to shut water off to the entire hotel.

Cue Mr. Sucky. This one guest told me on the phone that since we had no water he was not paying for his room and he would even go as far as to cancel his credit card. A short time later he comes to the desk and tells me hie is leaving and we better not charge his card. He wanted me to provide him with his paperwork (Um, what paperwork? Room and tax had not even been posted yet) I told him I would inform the owners in the morning and it would be their call on whether to give him his free room. He wanted me to call them at home right then and there. He ranted, he yelled and he left swearing up and down he would sue the hotel if we charged him.

I recognize having no water is a sucky situation but really - why me?