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Are LOA's just unattainable anymore?
Old 10-11-2007, 03:26 AM
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Default Are LOA's just unattainable anymore?

At least it seems in the places where I've had the unfortunate experience of working. Maybe this is more suited for Morons in Management; if so, mods can do their thing.

We found out this morning that my sister has pneumonia. Six weeks she's had some kind of cold/bronchitis sort of thing and has been stubborn about going to the doctor's about it. Today she went back for a second time; her husband finally convinced her that staying awake with a chronic cough for two nights in a row is NOT a sign that you're recovering very well.

This means that it's time for Mommy's care, which also means that I've got to stay behind while she's gone to hold down the fort here; my brother is 15 and homeschooled, and he can't be home alone all day. When I walked in tonight to get my LOA and pick up my paycheck, the first thing I see is one of the managers smiling at me and beckoning to come talk to him.

"Can you work tonight?" *big adorable grin*

Me: (Thinking: Yes, I know I've known you since you were in middle school and liked to put post it notes on my back that said "Kick me", but you have reached an all time low. This is not cute) "Ummm, actually I need a leave of absence form."

I explained to him the situation, and he was ok with it, however the Co-Director stood beside him, rubbing his eyes like he had a headache. He says I'll have to talk to J, the front end manager, and she should be back from her lunch in about ten minutes. Coolio. I made a quick trip to the restroom to come back and find J was on a register; no biggie, that happens all the time, she usually only stays on for a few minutes to take the lines down. Ten minutes go by, and I notice she has switched the light on at her register. Okay, so she's covering someone's lunch, still no biggie. A cashier comes back from lunch, J still shows no sign of shutting down, and now Co-Director has gotten on a register as well.

I've seen the store busier than this, and I waited there for over an hour tonight to see someone about my LOA, and they kept acting like I wasn't there. Maybe I'm being selfish, but is it really too much to ask them to forget the farking lines for a few minutes to get this taken care of for me? It's not like I thought "Whee, I hope my sister becomes bedridden so I can have a vacation!" or "Lyke, I broke a nail and it lyke . . . hurts and I lyke . . .need sum tyme off!"

I always come in early, stay late, and come in on my days off when they ask to cover for their stupid call-ins. Never once have I asked them for time off before. I restrained myself when Jackass Co-Director closed with me one night and thought it was really amusing to keep pointing out to me how long it would take me to put back all the go-backs while he stood outside and smoked his cigars. And they can't even give me a stinking leave of absence for a family situation!

I'm pissed off, mostly for the fact that this exact same thing happened to me at Hell-Mart last year. Family member got sick, I needed a leave, and management quickly made themselves unavailable. I ended up losing my job. I'm just so tired of fighting with these fuckers when I've bent over backwards for them
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