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Was she sucky?
Old 07-02-2008, 11:03 AM
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Default Was she sucky?

My fiance and I went to Denny's at like 12am and it was pretty quiet. The waitress was there ASAP and sat us down and was really awesome the whole night.

The guy behind us kept bitching that his food was late when it wasn't. We were there before them and we got ours first and he was getting angry that it was taking so long when it was actually all done in a decent time. Actually perfect.

Great food, great service. It came to $27.

Now, I didn't have any cash on me. My boy toy and I like to give nice tips. We're not rich but we won't eat somewhere and not tip.

We go up to pay and I use my card.

The angry man was up our asses as I handed her my card.

Waitress: Do you want to add anything to your bill?

But the way she said it... Her tone. It was in that sarcastic, don't forget to leave me something voice. It startled my man and I. I paused for a second because it seemed really rude.

But then I thought about it, she was probably having a bad night and probably got stiffed the whole time.

Me: Ten dollars.

Her: Really!? Thank you...

Me: Your service was excellent.

Her manager was right there to witness all this too.

I mean, she must have had a shitty night or something and figured we would've stiffed her like the last group and the angry man who got his change before I got my receipt back. He didn't tip her.

Now, did she seem sucky? Just the way she said it... But in the end maybe I made her day a little bit better.

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